by Jan 24, 2004Poetry

The time has come, making peace with the night, laying amongst the shadows, no essence of space or time…Faith holds until the day our paths shall cross…Until then, hear my whispers in the wind, a cool breeze upon your back, a warm gust within the winter chill…There you shall find me, to my promise I hold true: never to leave you, always to love you…In your mind you can find me, till the day our eyes shall meet…In your heart you can feel me, until our arms again embrace…And in the still of the night, when the soft air kisses your fair skin, listen close…and hear my whisper in the wind…Calling to you words of comfort, for this is not the end…A new beginning forms, a first and final sunrise…And together we shall stand to weather the bitter storms…But for now, let me go to rest among the Heaven’s bright stars…Until our souls find each other once more…Never to part…To the end of time.


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