Where is the Golden Lady?

by Feb 11, 2004Poetry

Where is the Golden Lady?

Where is the Golden Lady?
So sleepless and vigilant
For I desire to see her again tomorrow,
She has captivated me,
Where is the Golden Lady?
For she has trapped me on a winter’s bliss,
She has astonished me with her dimness, her coldness,
Warmed my clouded soul with the dusks she spends with me,
She has amazed me with her profound eyes,
Those deep azure lagoons that in pain recall her two lost Kings.
So lonely, so grieved, cornered by an unceasing concern.
Where is my Golden Lady?
For her chill has caught me in an eternal numbness.
Her florescence has enveloped me,
Her face has covered me in a unending parsimony.
As pale as the moon and as radiant as the sun.
My Isil and Anar.
But my Eowyn belongs to the Great King, and my illusions have vanished,
Where is his Golden Lady?
She is trapped between light and darkness, yearning for her true love…


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