When the stars die… – Elrond’s lament for Celebrian

by Oct 4, 2004Poetry

Fair elanor of Laurelindorenan,
A light were you to me,
A delicate star,
Too soon, too soon to fade…

What drove you to leave
that which you love.
Aiya Valar!
Is this your doom then,
That I live and Celebrian fades?

Your once fair face,
now ashen upon the covers lie,
Your lissom body, once-glorious,
Now reclines as a withered twig.
Your golden hair,
As the Light of Laurelinn,
IN star-threads enmeshed…
Now hangs limply, as pale weeds.
Your blue eyes,
as the sapphires of Manwe,
Are closed, for ever perchance…

Aah, melamin, what ill did we do,
that you leave me, so soon, so soon…

Arwen, Elladan,Elrohir,
Forsaking them must you go,
TO that fair Realm,
See the white shores,
And a far green country
under a swift sunrise..

Celebrian, beloved, oh my dying star,
There perhaps, the Valar willing,
We shall meet again
Amidst the Gardens of Irmo,
And joyful may be our embrace.

Your clay-cold lips do not feel mine on them,
You answer not my kisses,
Fare you well, my love,


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