When I Miss You

by Apr 15, 2004Poetry

When Spring is in the Shire and the blossom leaves unfold
And the Sun rises in the peaceful east and bathes the world in gold
When Light upon the world falls where darkness used to be
I long for you and need you here, standing next to me

When King upon throne of gold bows his mighty head
And brings upon the land peace where all was dread
When men rejoice and minstrels sing for the darkness end
I wish that this happy time together we may spend

When Winter comes to hearth and hall and snow is falling down
Everything is sparkling white and merriment’s around
When full glass moon and Elven stars shine dully in the frost
I cry for thee and weep for thee and mourn for all I’ve lost

When baby comes to wife and I and joy is in the air
I think of thee and wish thee could be there
When baby grows and learns to talk and shows us how to laugh once more
I’ll wish thee here and try to laugh, like we did before

When I look at the world and I see only you
And my grand-children’s eyes are the same shade of blue
When wife is gone and children grown and alone for you I yearn
I’ll take my chance and cross the Sea and to you may I return


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