When I First Saw You – A poem from Sam to his daughter, Elanor

by Mar 24, 2005Poetry

So excited was I,
when I first saw you.
So tiny and pink, wrapped in a blanket,
and cuddled in your mother’s arms.

You smiled at me,
when I first held you.
There was a twinkle in your eye,
and a laugh on your lips.

So beautiful you were,
when I first saw you.
Looking so much like your mom,
yet mabye a little like me.

A bit worried was I,
when I first saw you.
For we were planning on
calling you “Frodo”.

I got an idea,
when I first saw you.
Prompted by your mother,
I asked Mr. Frodo his opinion.

He came up with an answer quick,
when I first asked him.
‘Why not follow the custom,
with a flower name?’

‘It must be a beautiful flower,’ I said,
when I first answered.
‘Because she’s very beautiful,
and is going to get beautifuller still.’

Mr. Frodo thought fo a moment,
when I first said that.
‘What about the sun-star, elanor,
fom the mound of Amroth in fair Lothlorien?’

‘Of course! That’s what I wanted.’ I exclaimed,
when I first heard his suggestion.
So I headed back to you,
and to your mom, to share with you the name.

Your mom agreed with the name,
when I first told her.
Then joyfully I took you in my arms.
‘Hello, my darling Elanor.’


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