What We Share – The Magic of the Tale

by Nov 14, 2001Poetry

I’m writing this poem for all of us here
Who’ve read this great epic and find it so dear.
It’s good to have company with which to share
Tolkien’s Middle Earth, for which we do care.

Who not among us now reading this
Cannot recall when first we did wish
The story to continue long beyond its end
So we could stay with our humble friend,

Young Frodo, the brave little hobbit he was
Who traveled so far to Mordor because
The world upon him did so depend;
Goodness and freedom his task to defend.

Did we not shiver when orcs left their holes
To waylay the nine and quash noble goals?
Did the women not fall for Strider the brave
Who by life or death swore Frodo to save?
And the elves so fair – which one of we
Wished not to pause `neath the golden tree?

For in truth the story is bigger than just the One Ring,
It’s a story about the truth of one thing:
A hope of a world where goodness prevails –
Alas, bittersweet, the elven world fails.

The story so plain in having us see
That good vs. evil is often to be
A decision we make in our own hearts.
How willing are we to do our own parts?

So whether you come here time and again
To talk of the film or of Amon Hen,
We all have a loving place in our souls
for all Middle Earth (`cept maybe the trolls).

I’ll see you tomorrow on the Internet then
So that we might all revel once and again
In Frodo and Gandalf and Gimli and Gloin
And with the whole world in anticipation join

To see our old friends come to life on the screen
To be met by adult, youngster and teen.
To show them adventure and honor and more
By this company of nine – I need not say more.


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