What May Have Been…

by Jan 10, 2004Poetry

I watched you daily from afar
Under light of moon, and shine of stars
When you entered the battle fields
Thee made haste to my heart

I watched the wind wisp through thy hair
And admired a King oh so fair
But to ask that you would walk with me
Was more than I could dare

For I spent my life in lock and key
No use in battle there was for me
Always to serve but never to fight
But that life was not for me

For I longed to stride aside my Lord
On the ship of battle I climb aboard
But instead encaged I remain
Cold, discarded and ignored

Now I settle for the life I am dealt
But not without feelings I shouldn’t have felt
For with you it was not my place to love
But when I gazed upon you, my heart did melt

Like Nothing I’ve ever felt before
The leap in my soul as you entered the door
But my heart it did break, the second you spoke
That you’re heart had been taken before.


(Comments Welcome, first poem so let me know what you think)


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