What is Death but this? – Arwen’s Choice

by Jul 13, 2004Poetry

What is Death but this?
A fading, a passing, a ceasing to be
A deepening night, a thought lost in a sea
A slipping away, a releasing of doubt
A fickle flame that is soon snuffed out.

What is Love but this?
A union, a joining, a bonding of hearts
A spreading of joy, one mind in two parts
An eternal hope, an internal strength
A continuing on to whatever length.

What is Life but this?
A being, a doing, a thought within mind
A wakening soul, a new path to find
A meeting of faces, a learning to mean
An understanding of much that is heard and seen.

Oh can you not see that this is my choice –
To profess my love with all of my voice?
I’d rather live death than never know love –
To live one life under heaven above.


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