What if

by Dec 25, 2004Poetry

And if the sky shold open up
And all the stars should fall,
I wonder if the kings of men
And all their towers tall
Should fall unto the darkened time
That once encompassed all.

And if the nightbird’s song did still,
And ne’er more was heard,
Would all the beauty of the night
Become the world unfurl’d,
And going to the river’s bank,
Under a sky of grey
Would I hope and pray to wish
That starless night away?

And yet the moon in saintly light
Above my eye’s doth glow,
The nighbirds sings, the river runs,
And time runs past so slow;
I hope forever is this way,
This way forever is,
Giving me the chance to love,
To hope, to keep, to live.


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