Welcome To Insanity – The Journey

by Jul 7, 2004Poetry

Strawberries and creme in the summer
But never again shall I taste them
What a bummer!
Sam and I are sitting here on Mt. Doom
And he talks about that?
He must be insane
and now Gandalf comes
on “Aladdin’s flying mat”
Never mind; they’re eagles
I didn’t know birds were that big
I think I’ll write a book,
Oh, gee the mountains smoking!
And now on the Eagle I see,
Rivendell coming closer,
Actually I’m the one coming closer,
Because Imlradis doesn’t fly!
Merry and Pippin fought the war
And the Witch king ‘died’ Oh My!
Theoden died with many men,
And Gollum told a lie,
and because of that Sam almost died,
Legolas said he killed many orcs,
(Gimli said Leggy didn’t)
Aragorn will now be royal
And marry the elf
Eowyn finally got to fight
and Gandalf earned frequent flyer miles
on teh Eagle!
Faramir almost burnt to a crisp,
And Denethor did.
Saruman was a naughty boy,
so now he’s trapped in the Orthnac,
Aragorn and Arwen are getting married Oh My!
They need a caterer, jewler,
and a photo-guy,
But they didn’t have cameras–
That’s really sad because standing on Mt. Doom
would have mad the ultimate ‘Kodak Moment!’
But I’ll write that in my book, right?
Mordor’s gone, Saruon banquished,
Who’s left for the soldiers to fight?
No one.
..After attending the social event of the year
(Aragorn’s crowning/wedding)
I go back to my home–the Shire
But i just don’t fit in when i tell
them what happened to my finger.
So I decided to “blow this popsicle stand”
And go yachting.
But the closest thing they have to a yacht,
Is an Elvish ship to Valinor.
When offered Arwen’s place I flip
And decide to take my chances,
In a place where everyone’s
Taller than me.
But Sam’s sad and cannot see,
Why I have to leave.
He’s got Rose, and Elanor,
I just wish I had a girl!
I’m on a dock called, “the Grey Havens”
and the hobbit’s are crying
Theyre so sad.
Because I have to leave.
Some elves might get mad,
Because I’m going to Valinor–
And I’m not an Elf (ha ha)
I give the red book to my Sam.
And a hug to Merry and Pippin
I get on the ship and think some stuff,
and then the boat moves,
Only a minute passes,
when i say:
“Are we there yet?”
Gandalf says no.
” Are we there yet?”
Gandalf says no
All of the sudden our trip starts,
a never-ending spiral, of,
‘are we there yet’s and ‘no’s
But it does end–when we get to Valinor

Because all things must end,
Even a great journey.


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