We wants it…

by Feb 11, 2004Poetry

We wants it…

Light in darkness,
Hope and gloom,
Our curse, our bless,
Dreadful life and intense doom.
Shadows and unmerciful death,
Dread and horror,
Freezes us and takes our breath.
We weeps every second, on the water so black.
So beautiful, so golden , its roundness,
For we wishes that our precious will come back.
Our deity, our lord, for we wears him and he wears us.
Object of worship, curse and torture,
The cost to great, life…
With absolute perfection, he domains our fortune.
My precious so loved, so hated,
In a putrid cave we dwell caressing our precious,
For all our life and name has faded.
Object of love, hatred and despise,
Waiting patiently until its true master rise.
The precious was lost, stolen by a cruel twist of fate
In a desire of death,
I shall depart from fetid lands before it is too late…


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