We Wait

by Jan 31, 2005Poetry

Journey’s end,
But not for him,
So we wait,
We watch,
We see the time drift past,
Leaving him stuck in his past,
Dwelling on all that came to past.

The world passes,
He stays,
He drifts,
He changes not,
And lives on in the past.

The pain,
The sorrow,
The grief,
Is all yet still to near.
We wait,
We watch,
We hope,
As time keeps drifting past.

Summer ends,
Fall drifts,
Winter sleeps,
Spring slows,
And summer lives again.
Seasons pass,
Then one day we know.
We feel it in the air.
Change is coming.

He hides then,
Even from his past.
He like living wraith,
Hiding in the shadows.
When he thinks no one is watching,
He creeps off to be alone.
In the silence of the night,
He thinks he is alone,
But we watch,
We wait,
We follow,
West across the plains.
He comes unto harbor,
When dawn is burning bright.

He thinks he came alone,
But together,
We are following,
We are waiting,
We are watching.
In the harbor,
In the light,
He is greeted,
Warmly greeted,
By a wizard,
And two elves,
Fair as gold.

In the harbor waits a craft,
A vessel sure and swift.
Unnumbered tears are falling,
Dripping slowly past our lips.
The salt becomes our courage,
And then he knows he’s not alone.
We understand his mission,
But the unnumbered tears keep falling,
Trickling slowly down our cheeks.

He does not seem surprised,
He knew he was not alone,
He knew we waited,
Knew we watched,
Knew we saw the time drift past.
A hug,
A shake,
A word,
No more,
And the time for farewells is past.
But unnumbered tears keep falling,
Trickling down my breast.

The wizard wise,
The elves fair,
Our friend so brave,
Join together on the craft.
The vessel sure and swift,
Carries them far away,
While we keep watching,
We keep waiting,
With our faces glistening wet.
This time he knows we’re watching,
This time he knows we’re waiting,
While he passes unto far shores.

But now our waiting’s over,
The craft passes out of sight.
We turn,
We sigh,
We go,
There is no waiting anymore.


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