Warrior of Gondor – The Fall of Boromir

by Dec 10, 2003Poetry

When tidings came to Gondor about your tragic tale,
Men were hushed, children cried and the women, they did wail.
Understood, that now you would not be coming back to the Tower of Guard.
For someone that was so valiant, those kind of thoughts are hard.
Long you stood in Osgiliath and helped to win it back.
You made up in honor for the inner strength you did lack.
For corruption and temptation came in the form of a golden ring,
And the power it wielded over you was great for such a small thing.
Needless to say, your intentions were good, and to fight you did try,
And after your struggle with Frodo, you finally saw the lie.
Unfortunate it then became when you met your end,
But valor was upon you, for you died trying to defend.
When you called, the Horn of Gondor was heard in Minas Tirith.
You only left home to prove that Isildur’s Bane wasn’t just a myth.
Curiosity and a search for glory waking in your heart,
Had led you to an end that you could not turn back, nor restart.
O Boromir, where are you now? You’ve fell and gone away,
And more than just the Fellowship are wishing you could stay.
There you laid against a tree with arrows in your chest,
And everyone who saw you would say you tried your best.
Your companions laid you in a boat, along with sword and shield,
To travel down the Anduin past many a town and field.
And down you fell in Rauros, to start a journey long,
As Aragorn and Legolas sang a farwell song.
Then many a day, chance came that Faramir saw you in the South,
Lapped in water with enemy’s spears, heading to Anduin’s mouth.
A light it seemed to come within the water like a dream.
Your broken horn was no longer there, but Faramir saw a gleam.
A belt it was of golden leaves, that hung about your waist.
A gift given by Lady Galadriel that could not be replaced.
So quickly then you floated by, your brother left behind,
And news was brought to Denethor, who swiftly lost his mind.
O Boromir, where have you gone? Past every rock and tree,
And finally you came to rest upon the gray-blue sea.
There you passed Tolfolas, where many gulls did cry,
To leave the only world you knew into the deepening sky.


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