Voice of the One Ring – How the One Ring Might Have Spoken to Frodo

by May 16, 2003Poetry

You entered this world crying.
You’ll leave this world dying.
You spend most of your life at war.
What are you living for?

Flowers will fade with the fall.
You will quail at death’s cold call.
You’ll search endlessly for something more.
What is it that you are striving for?

Those mountains shining far away.
The dawn that comes to light the day.
Will shatter like glass upon the floor.
What are you fighting for?

Back in the happy, homey shire,
Where you thought you would retire.
There is strife and grief and war.
What is your struggle for?

Looking at clouds, staring at stars.
Thinking of my homeland, though it be far.
Watching the sunlight on a silver morn.
This is what I am living for.

Flowers will bloom with the spring.
After the rain, a song will ring.
I can find a rose under the thorns.
This is what I am striving for.

Back in the happy homey shire,
I know one day I will retire.
There may be strife, and grief and war,
But that is what this struggle is for.

I feel my servant’s tender embrace.
He wipes the tears off my frightened face.
He will stay beside me forevermore.
This is what I am fighting for.

We can enter this world singing.
And dance as we are leaving.
There will be peace after the war.
Some things are just worth fighting for.


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