Venom-Friend – Shelob’s Last Battle

by Feb 16, 2005Poetry

From the darkness I was born
and into it I crept.
Sustained by blood of orcs
blood of men
blood of brothers,
all to call my own.
I drip with poison,
I grew fat and I grew lazy
as I ruled from darkened halls.
All who ventured near were wary –
if they ventured near at all.
But then,
I met the elven warrior,
lured to my lair by cunning one.
He came avenging fallen friend,
full of righteous loyalty.
He carried bite of steel and sting,
filled in goodness,
elven made.
His blade was hiss of silver,
burning bright,
And I knew –
dim and fuzzy,
then burning with the clean, the pure, the bright.
It hissed again,
slicing flesh and rending bone.
I screeched in rage
pain and pleasure.
this one was worthy of my fight.
I struck out quickly –
but resistance came,
this would be no easy battle,
never before such rage.
I stabbed again and found defenses,
tottering ones of solid rocks.
Still I fought seeking victory,
But this one carried weapons of the light.
He wielded starlight,
Burning even through my darkened might.
Now I was the wary one,
Who was this warrior of the light?
No elf,
No man,
No orc,
No dark one,
This warrior of the light.
Again I burned with ice cold fire.
Fire flaming hot as coals,
And then –
as light of torches dropped in fumbling dark.


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