by Feb 17, 2004Poetry

my love for you runs broad as the ocean,
my heart is tried and true;
not with all the armies of elves, orcs, dwarves or men
could anyone keep me from you.
Your gold and sapphire eyes
are like the piercing night sky;
but who knows what this will be like
if we give up and never try.
Your spirit is so awesome,
you fight like the King you are inside;
Your words are strength and healing,
someday we won’t have to hide.
I give up my youth, my immortality
for valor and courage and love;
o,Lord, give me strength for this task,
let your wisdom come down from above.
Aragorn, without you I am nothing
Your face awakens the dawn.
I cast away all the burdens I carry,
I am feelbe and frail as the fawn.
and our spirits shall join in union,
we shall reign under God as one soul;
come forth with the task we do share,
for our love will bring us out of this hole.
Look forward with anticipation,
standing still will not get us too far;
when you look back at the past don’t be troubled,
learn what you can and let the wounds scar.
Someday this will be but a memory,
we will be happy, our song shall ring,
for I know that our pain is temporary,
and soon you again will be King.


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