Valinor- The Land for Tolkien Devotees

by Oct 11, 2005Poetry

If we could but take a ship
To the Undying Lands
Behold the far green rolling shores
And the silver sands
To the place where Tolkien’s tales
Are yet living in the light
That shines through the gentle sails
Of the ships and harbors bright

The halls of Tirion beckon,
The Elves are here to see
The new arrivals to their shores
That are you and me

Ai, the gentle music of the evening!
The wonder of the day!
Oh, the tales we are weaving
Since we sailed to this bay!

Perfection is overpowering
For there never was a stain
On such a garden ever-flowering
Or a gently rolling plain

The star-crowned mountains above all
Reaching to the skies
Their snow-capped peaks, the Valar halls
Too fair for mortal eyes

Yet of such lands we gained the beauty
Of Valinor we have gained the sight
That to envision is our duty
And through Tolkien, is our right


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