Valinor – A Tolkien Heaven

by Jul 23, 2005Poetry

There is a haze
Beyond the mound
Where all my days
be heavenbound
The rain falls on
my blue, dry eyes
Silver glass from
The dark, green skies
The salty breeze
Blows tangled hair
And large tide seas
Engulf thin air

Now shall I pass
To the land of my kin
How may I surpass
The world’s gray rim?
But now when it’s over
I feel my heart’s sway
A gold and mithril four-leaf-clover
A miracle of light beyond the day

Silhouetted, the silver mountains
Fade into my searching view
And sparkling light, mist from heaven’s
Most too marvelous, seen by few
The guards delight to see us
Our smiles spread from side to side
And holy beings welcome us
The Valar, whose earthquakes are caused by stride

Green turf spreading beneath your feet
Dancing yearns the master’s fleet
Niphredil on the great mountainside
Eleanor below, and washed by the tide
You tremble at first, from excitement and fear
For who knows what mysterious things be near?
But laughter shakes you faster than that,
And all our days fly faster than the bat.


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