Upside-down, Inside-out – What Pip thinks.

by Aug 30, 2002Poetry

I don’t know where I’m going,
but of my feelings I’ve no doubt.
I’ve been through too much to ‘member,
I feel upside-down, inside-out.

I know I don’t belong here,
which is why I feel this way.
Merry isn’t with me,
so I want to get away.

I look at the horizon.
I see darkness looming near.
Everbody says “Don’t worry.”
Yet my heart is filled with fear.

I want someone to talk to.
To let my troubles spill.
To complain to when I’m hungry
’bout how I didn’t get my fill.

I watched that man,Denethor.
I saw his eyes fill up with flame.
I saw him sinking to his knees
in his tower on that day.

No-one understands me.
No hobbits here but me.
No-one to pull my pranks upon
Or to see the way I see.

I want to see the Shire
with its green and golden trees.
Curly hobbit heads
and furry hobbit feet.

Instead of that, all I get
is cold and icy walls.
Towers, turrets, cobbled streets
and silent echoing halls.

I need to know what’s happening.
All I want is to know why.
Why I’m stuck here by myself
and why there is no time.

I don’t know if I’ll die here,
or if the world will end this day.
I love my life, my friends and food
so I’m thankfull anyway.


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