Untitled – (A Smeagol/[b]Gollum[/b] Poem)

by Nov 19, 2004Poetry

Afraid I am, afraid of him
He makes me do bad things
Won’t let me be, won’t let me see
Only wants to get the Ring
I wants it, yes, like all the rest
But nice Master saved my life
If I steals it now I know somehow
The wicked Hobbit will use his knife
Master is my friend, Master said
And on the Precious he made me swear
I help them through the way to Mount Doom
Though I fear to go back there
There’s no way, I can’t betray
But Master has lied to uss
He said it was safe, but there they had wait
So we don’t have to keep your promise
Cruel steel, nasty deal
Stabs us in the back they would

But my friend is Master, if we ask her
Kill them herself she could

But I don’t like her, don’t want to go near
It is our only way
The Precious it needs, to it we heeds
And back we wants it today
Now we know, we will go
And lead Master to her cave, gollum
She will wake, then we will take
The Precious from the Hobbitses when fallen


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