Unlikely Tale

by Feb 2, 2004Poetry

When they hear the call,
They will follow it.
To the darkest corners,
Of this cursed land.

All those, who shall stand in their way,
Will be broken by the fate of their own.
And ideals of light,
Shall be blasphemed.
And the goal of good,
Shall be burned.

They will assemble to his dark will,
And ranks shall be formed as planned.
They will tremble and fear the one,
For he is the evil himself.

The armies under the dreaded banner,
Will sweep throughout the lands,
And all those who oppose them,
Will not be spared to last.

There shall be no stop for the dreadfull reality.
All that once was, will be dimished,
All that is, will not be spared,
And all that could have been, will be dimmed.
And the world will be covered in a blanket,
A blanket of uncontrollable anger and fear.

However, in every tale,
There is always someone to resist,
The oncoming shadow ’till death.

And so a group of seven brave souls,
Arose to meet the challenge head on.
To finish it, in a desperate struggle of souls.

In every ending of every tale,
The good shall triumph over the blackness.
In this story however,
Darkness shall hold its reign.

All of the sacrifices will be in vain,
For evil that arose cannot be brought down again.
It shall consume the world as we know it,
And will rule it with terror and fear,
From the black throne up north.


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