by Jan 16, 2004Poetry

The leaves are falling golden red,
as Arwen, Evenstar, lies down her head.

Thoughts of love pass through her mind,
as scences of long and seamless time.

Memories of his handsome face,
haunt her heart, cannot be erased.

Her passion grows though he’s not near,
losing him is all that she fears.

Beautiful, flowing, the picture of grace,
the radiance of the Eldar beams from her face.

Her poise and stature above lesser Elves and Men,
but alone she utterly refuses to stand.

Years of wisdom bore deep in her eyes,
where love for a ranger eternally lies.

Ships are sailing as the Valar call,
but her tower of hope refuses to fall.

Her kin have lived immortly on Earth.
her path the same as destin from birth.

She knows she is doomed to leave these shores,
relentlessly her father, Lord Elrond, urges the more.

He fears for his daughter, the immortal elf princess,
for her future in Middle Earth would be relentless.

Mortal she will become is she stays here with Him,
foresaking eternity with her undying kin.

But love prevails and good can overcome,
if she holds true her King will come.

Her hope rushes like a rapid river,
and love for Aragorn does not wither.

He will return alive and well,
this she believes to no avail.

They will marry and live a long, long time,
and be a splendor to all of mankind.

The face of a child lit with a wonderous glow,
will shine in halls of the new King foretold.

Aragorn and Arwen will begin a time of glory,
and always be remebered and loved in memory and story.


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