Undying love – Compromise- What I gave up

by Nov 17, 2003Poetry

I surrender’d my immortaliy,
I gave to love my tears,
And now I live in peace and pain,
And fear the change of years.

I let go of my lifetime,
Eternity is not mine,
And still I hope and still I love,
And cherish all this time.

Did Luthien also feel this?
Regret the choice she made,
Yet still this fate ensnar’d me,
Twists of truth display’d.

Alas that it should call me,
‘Tis but a ray of light
That I am Queen of mortal men,
And for this I did fight.

And yet I mourn my people,
Sorrow at hardships long,
And here remains forever,
And here remains my song.


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