Undying Lands

by Apr 6, 2003Poetry

Her bright blue eyes peer o’er the bay,
Longing for the coming of day,
When Anar shines `pon golden sands,
And blesses all of Valinor’s lands,
Though now she stands in pure delight,
Under the glow of stars so bright,
Above her head the Eagles sing,
Praising the Valar o’er everything,
They banish all the dread and fear,
In voices pure, sweet and clear,
And then the Elves take up their song,
Their voices rise, to sing as one,
And over seas of blue and green,
In the west, and in the e’en
The noble moon shines bright and fair,
And Manwë’s birds flit through the air,
Before the Valar two Trees grow,
And from their leaves, two lights flow,
One is silver, the other gold,
Laurelin young, Telperion old.
And `neath the cov’ring sky of night,
Anar spins from Aman’s sight,
To the East and Morning’s Door,
Where it then shines on Valinor.
But now the quays are brightly lit,
The Elves around the fire sit,
And swan-heads glisten in the light,
Seemingly poised, ready for flight.
And high above their heads appear
Varda’s stars, bright and clear,
To whom the Elves direct their song,
Singing together in merry throng,
Loud, then quiet, and one voice soars,
Floating towards Tinquetil’s doors,
Where the Valar sit on chairs of gold,
Made from the Earth, and as old.
Her voice is raised, loud and long,
Praise and glory is in her song,
Her tale tells of Elves of old
Her power and strength halt the cold,
The fire burns behind her bright,
Throws the shadow into light.
She ends the song with a smile,
As over Eressea, the lonely Isle,
While the rich note hangs in the air,
Anar rises, powerful and fair.


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