Undone – The night has won

by Jun 18, 2004Poetry

I’m all undone
The night has won

How is this
That I should be
Lost on this road
The Ring killing me

It sounded noble
It sounded right
At Elrond’s Council
The world was bright

The Sun was there
The birds sang still
All was good
All ate their fill

Now here am I
Lost on this road
I seek my doom
This Ring my goad

Sam was right
I was wrong
I should not have brought
That guide along

My friend is gone
So is my guide
I’m naked here
No place to hide

The spider’s gone
Still I fear
Though nothing seen
There’s evil here

What was that
I hear a sound
There’s naught to see
When I turn around

I have to run
I have to flee
Something unseen
Is chasing me

No place to go
Trapped here I’m caught
If I’d a sword
I know I’d faught

Now all the world
Is fading by
Tis here I fail
Tis here I die

With sight’s last glance
I think I see
My faithful friend
Protecting me

I’m all undone
The night has won


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