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A/N: Yes, I know I write an AWFUL lot of Aragorn/Arwen poetry. First submission in a while; just moved from MA to PA. I’ll try to get Lord of the Socks back up soon, too.

I saw you first
In that sunset glade, with
A song on your lips and grave nobility
In your eyes
Burning in the dusk like the ember of a sun
That slowly died behind us
As we shared our first words
Plucking them from the air and examining them
As if they were something new
For you transformed my words
Into something spectacular
Simply by your presence, though
I did not know it then

I loved you first
In that twilit wonderland
Beside the waterfall that sang of love
Though I did not know it then
And the walls tumbling from your heart and mine
And the song that embraced me
And myself reaching out to pull you in
It was at that moment that our hearts
Dancing in the moonlight
Tangled silver threads and became inseparable:

I knew it first
That night your face flashed through my dreams
And the laughter shared
In quiet moments half forgotten
Came bubbling from wells of memory to enchant me
And I revelled in the memories
Not knowing that it was your presence
That made them beloved
But then the wind whispered to me
And showed me the pages of my heart
You were written on every one
And then I longed for you–
But you had gone

I lived and breathed for you
Though you gave yourself to the darkness
Time and time again, leaving me
To my empty tears
I wept for you
More times than I could number
Until the oceans must have belonged to me
But the night cannot last forever
Even for those who cling to it
As a covering, a strange sort of
Solace, or so you made believe
Was it the light that I held around me
The only true Solace
That brought you to your senses?
Will I ever know?

And I will die for you
In the winter, when the wind is harsh
And the trees are bare and mourning
When the leaves make a tattered carpet
On the faded forest floor, I shall
Lie down and breathe my last
With your name upon my lips
When all the world is dying
I will die for you
And you shall be in my last breath
And I will join you
In the eternal song: the true


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