Undomiel Alantie – The Evenstar Has Fallen

by Apr 18, 2005Poetry

The Evenstar has fallen
Where are you now?
Oh! bringer of faith
herald of truth and grace?
Why have you forsaken your gift?
Why would you give your love
to one who will only cause you grief?
I beg you to join us again
It is not too late to turn aside
from the shadow you have chosen
to walk inside of
Take the ship at the havens
walk in Valinor with your kin
Laugh and be merry
For there shall your love for him grow green
And one day he may find you there
and take you once again in his arms
But if you die, how would this come true?
For if the Evenstar falls, how shall I bear it?

Utulie Aure! Day shall come again!


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