Under Tree No More – By Legolas

by Sep 5, 2002Poetry

Legolas Greenlaef
Under Tree No More
(By Legolas)

“Legolas Greenleaf long under tree
Listen to what I say to thee,
Beware of the Sea.”

Oh why did I not heed
What the Lady did say,
What was planted as a seed
On that fateful day
Has grown indeed.

The rush and roar,
The heaving foam,
They call me now
Far from home.

Trees to me
Most fair used to be
But now, now I long for the Sea.

I stand here on shore,
And wonder once more,
How goes it far away?
Who doth now dwell in Rivendell?
Who sings to the trees
With the melody in the breeze?
And as far as I roam
I still wonder how it is at home.


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