Ulmo – Lord of Waters – First of 15 poems of the Valar

by May 2, 2004Poetry

Lord of Seas, the white gulls are flying,
Lord of Waters, the Elves are crying,
He who pours, pour the seas upon them,
For that is their home, where they hide from Men,
Who easily seduced by Melkor’s power,
Are called back to make Ecthelion, the White Tower.

You delivered Tuar from Gondolin,
You are one of the greatest of the Valar,
You must stop Melkor, you must yield him.

The War of Wrath has come,
Melkor has shunned,
Shunned all living creatures,
except for his sons.

The creatures of Utumno,
The ones that consume your wrath,
And the mighty Gothmog,
Who bathes in his evil bath.

Yet you overcame,
Ulmo you saved,
Lord of Waters help them,
So forever they will not be caved.


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