by Jul 21, 2004Poetry

Why do you cry?
Why are you sad?
You are not alone
Nothing lasts forever
But don’t let yourself fade away

Why do you shy away?
Why do you fear change?
For nothing, for everything
My promises aren’t empty
I won’t let you fade away

Trust me, I won’t let you down
I’ll be your wings as you fall
I’ll bear you up on singing wind
Into the space above the storm
Nothing can touch us there

If only you’d trust me
I could show
You could see yourself as I see you
You could fly like you’ve always wanted
Just trust me and I can make you free

Take my hand, I won’t let you down
Let my wings shield you from fallow ground
Give yourself up and blend with me
I swear I’ll never let you down
All I ask is that once you’re free, don’t leave me.


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