True Love – of Aragorn and Arwen

by Oct 3, 2003Poetry

He, a ranger from Gondor
She, a fair princess of Rivendell
Son of Arathorn
Daughter of Elrond
Together they met under the swaying boughs
Love entwined at first glimpse
And the stars smiled over them
As the birds sang a new song
For in that moment, that special moment
Love was found that would last an eternity
Its bonds forever tied, never to be broken
Though she was elf
And he was man
They saw not this in each others eyes
Instead they saw the world, the universe
They saw the years they would spend together
And they saw their soul in the eyes looking
back at them with affection
So, souls entwined
They walked out of the gardens of Rivendell
Hand in hand
into endless time
A time not lost, but found
their lives not broken but complete
for they were complete in each other
their hearts at rest with their love clasped tight in hand
her love clasped in his sturdy hand
his love clasped in hers
and they smiled and danced through the night,
the night that never ended


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