Tribute to Gandalf the Grey – A Poem

by Feb 3, 2002Poetry

Chosen by the *Valar,
and so he up and went,
to save the people that were free
from evil fires of the ring
As Sauron’s waste upon the land
was growing fast and showed no end,
He battled on, without a rest
until the deed was done,
alas, the ring was found again
and Sauron had returned
to start his evil plan again,
to destroy all of Middle-earth.
Warned down by the passing of time,
Gandalf the *Maiar stood to fight once more,
To battle on without a word for the good of all the world.
Of the 9 he journeyed on
to fight the snows of Caradhras,
to brave the night of Moria.
To come to his end, into darkness,
To meet his foe and friend.
Fly he said to those he loved,
and with a lash he was gone.
A bright light upon Middle-earth had gone out,
The worlds wisdom now lacked that of the Wizards,
The End


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