by Apr 16, 2004Poetry

Green is the grass there, and high are the peaks
Of the roaming hills, scattered among the quiet creeks
There time goes slowly by, week by week
There a treasure lies, hidden where I seek

Deep in the woods there, by Tuckborough and glen
Past the old Brandy Hall, home, and den
Beyond the roads that lead to homes of elves and of men
There a treasure lies, before and again

Away past the noise and the hussle and railing
There all the worries, and cares, and strife failing
Drift away as the waters of time keep on sailing
There a treasure lies, hidden and waiting

Will you not seek the treasure I speak of?
The one that is greater than time, but not love
The one that is buried beneath the above
Way out of sight of the fox and the dove

It sits in a home, made by hobbits so small
It waits in the quiet beyond time’s old wall
And is lying there waiting to hear you call
Don’t you want to catch this treasure, Shire and all?


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