Traveller’s Friend

by Jul 5, 2005Poetry

Breathe, my friend, the free and untainted air,
What else can the soul set upon but the sky?
The path has been dark, but the road is much longer,
Bid old pain and treachery goodbye.

Rest now, upon the beds of Asphodel,
Hallowed ground is where you are now;
Within these wells, a new life may yet emerge,
And for you to wipe the sweat off your brow.

Name your tragedies and woes, dearest one,
I will bless you and keep you in my care;
You are not alone in sorrow, for I am here
To guide you whence the board is laid bare.

Throw the tattered cloak aside,
We shall adorn you with honor and pride;
For blood may be spilt, and fires may roar,
But I am always at your side.


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