Traveller – In the face of Despair

by Nov 29, 2002Poetry

(This was inspired by the journey of Sam and Frodo through the Lands of Shadow, and the despair Frodo felt. This was written in the thoughts of if Frodo had given up on the Quest.)

North South East West
Life has many roads for us to travel
Each road leads to a certain destination
But which is the one we seek?

Every decision made, every choice, every encounter…
Is a road in the journey we make through life.
Yet, how many of these roads were the right ones?
And how many more will there be?

In life, everything lines up like dominoes
With our very first step, we start a chain reaction
Ones by one, the events unfold; the dominoes begin to tumble
How much of it is of our own making?

It has been a long, long time since I began this journey
The roads have been harsh and merciless
Never easy, always trying to cheat fate and win
The journey, too long; an endless landscape of nothing worthwhile.

Forgive me, for giving in, for stumbling and falling
But I can no longer climb this mountain
To reach the peak, and find my calling
The last domino has not yet fallen, but this is the end.


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