Translation of ” Terrible Moria ” – Written in 2001 the 22nd of April.

by Apr 23, 2001Poetry

In the grip of some entity
It seems to absorb any light
Nevertheless a good many league away from misery,
For here, very low, mythril was born.

Khazad-Dûm !
Khazad-Dûm !

Even the presence of the dwarfish Gimli,
Gloïn’s son, sarcely reassures.
And Frodo, terrorized, hopes
That a Valar with brightness the room fills.

Khazad-Dûm !
Khazad-Dûm !

Because alone fire of dark creatures
Reign here as well as blades’ knocks
And killer whales’ yells in the flames.
But Gandalf is staying watchful, his hand still steady.

Khazad-Dûm !
Khazad-Dûm !

That’s here the insurmountable scourge of Durïn
Wakes up from a deep sleep,
Balrog with unequalled blackness,
With him brings the magician in the gulf.

Khazad-Dûm !
Khazad-Dûm !

As lovely it was in the past
Today plunges us into dread
Although the very deft old man
Can still be sacred king from it.

Have faith !
Have faith !


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