Town Gossip – And one girl’s stand

by Apr 27, 2003Poetry

Town Gossip
by traz~~~

Four hobbits riding down the way.
“Whence did they come, what do they say?”

“They’ve not been seen in `bout a year.
Yet no one ever shed a tear.”

“Four wayward hobbits, they do seem
Some folk `round here say it’s a dream.”

“Those four had left some time ago,
To them we’ve no hope to bestow.”

“But these are soldiers, see their mail?
I bet they have a wondrous tale!”

“I hear these hobbits had their fill
Of battles, monsters, blood to spill.”

“But see the look that’s in their eyes?
They seem quite homesick, no surprise!”

“They never should have left back then
`Tis naught but trouble once again!”

And then a young voice piped up soft
The words she said were all but scoffed.

“These Heroes four, they saved the Shire
With deeds that you should all aspire!

“The hurt sustained by these brave souls
Have paid the price for peaceful holes!

“So welcome them as they deserve
And stop your gossip, show reserve!”

The crowd all mumbled as they left,
The girl who spoke out was bereft

Until she turned around and saw
Those hobbits close, she was in awe!

As they rode by, they looked at her
And smiled in thanks, she did not stir

Until the tallest gave a wink,
It made her grin, turned round cheeks pink.

They slowly trotted on again
She proudly waved them down the lane.

And as she walked home down the glen,
The gossip started once again…


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