Torn – A Poem

by Jul 12, 2002Poetry

I am standing on the top of Mount Doom
I am staring into endless gloom
As I stare I hear a dark voice in my head
It’s saying take the ring for yourself instead
I look over to my friend Sam, and he is looking at me with pain in his eyes.
He is silently pleading for me to get rid of the ring the thing that I despise.
I feel torn apart.
I know which is right deep down in my heart.
But alas I put the ring on
And now I know I was wrong.
I have failed this quest.
I have failed the test
All of the sudden I feel a sharp pain in my finger
I look over and see Gollum with my ring and in the middle is my own finger.
I see him do a dance right by the ledge
then he falls over right over the edge.
I am at peace once more
No longer torn.


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