Tomorrow – The Nine Walkers–Gimli

by Mar 2, 2003Poetry


As I stood next to Aragorn
And Legolas, older than time,
I felt as a small, weak child would
When discovering all was a dream.

For what if we should wake
To find our comrades vanished
And all this darkness but fantasies…
That we were forever banished

Banished from seeing our comrades live
And conquer the One Enemy
Or to see our children when they’re grown…
I don’t think that strength is in me.

But perhaps it might be better
If we weren’t really here
Perhaps Legolas will wake to find us gone,
And with us the tormenting fear

Or if young Master Frodo woke
To his hobbit hole once more
And saw the day had just begun,
The sunlight streaming through the door…

And yet I’m glad that we aren’t dreaming
Even if we are doomed to die
It means that tomorrow will surely come
And with it the hope to fly.


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