Together – By Poem By -Glorfindil-

by Apr 17, 2003Poetry


Sam to Frodo:

Frodo, Frodo, Frodo No!
I have come so far with you,
Please don’t leave where I can’t follow,
For our quest is not yet through.

The whole way,
When the skys were blue,
Or when they were grey,
I was with you.

There when the stormy winds were blowing,
And when things were looking grim,
When not a gleam of hope was showing,
And when the skys grew dim.

Together we have been,
And together we will stay,
We will not let him win,
While we still see a way.

Here together on our own,
In the darkness of the night,
Though we may be all alone,
We must not give up the fight.

Through weather foul and fair,
I have remained your friend,
To help you I was there,
Please don’t let this be the end.


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