To Tolkein

by Jun 4, 2003Poetry

To Tolkein

Any one can dream without a care
But it takes a special one to share
His heart and mind, the dreams he thought
And in waves on paper the magic caught
But not withheld or confined
It has the freedom of your mind
It’s the spark that starts the fire roaring
The wind that lifts the eagle soaring
A song that’s sung but never heard
Yet held within his every word
The tears that fall from crying eyes
As you watch as your hero dies
The joy of laughter when they win
Anticipation, there’s a new journey about to begin
The twist of a branch the knot of stone
The fear of darkness and being alone
A river that flows from the mountains roots
The crash of heavy armoured boots
A silence that seams to say
This is Elvish land be on your way
Horns of battle that always ring
Deep forest glades where maidens sing
Ships that sail on waters blue
All this and more he gives to you
His greatest gift he let us touch
Showed us a little but not to much
Opened the door to let us see
Unlocked our chains and set us free
So know in us his dreams will grow
And I only wish that he could know
That the fire still is burning
We haven’t stopped and are still learning
And Valinor will never fail
He made the ship and now we sail



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