To Gollum – a poem

by Jun 30, 2005Poetry

What did you find in your dark, secret place?
A glimmering treasure, a long-hidden race?
What wonders could linger so far from the sun?
The darkness consumes them, for you there are none

A prison-holt barless and doorless you’ve found
Foul slime and despondency cover the ground
The dead and the deathless are whispering fear
But only the fishes and orcses you hear

You cling to your trinket with loathing desire
A comfortless solace, a withering fire
This gold as it glitters in pitiless night
It draws and it drains you, it gives no delight

How can it save you, this weapon of hate?
What evil can ever the darkness abate?
Alas, will you never return to the sun?
Too long you have lingered, O desolate one

Barren the stone and the sea under hill
That echoes a melody trembling and shrill
You hunger for more than the flesh over bone
Your emptiness lightens; not all is alone

A wavering beacon, though faint in the gloom
‘Tis dazzling, brightening, threatening doom
A curious thing, it repels and allures
This mystical light that illumines the shore

A memory buried and quickly denied
Of places you dwelt before daylight had died
Of riddles and rainbows and fishing with friends
But bitterness, guilt grinds away in the end

What stranger, no orcling, has wandered so far?
Away from the reach of the sun and the stars
You paddle so silently up to the land
An age in the making, your fate is at hand


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