To Be an Elven One

by Dec 28, 2003Poetry

Dancing through the night
Cradled by the moon
Glowing with a light
Thet never comes too soon

Drifting with the clouds
Singing with the wind
Glorying in youth
Ne’er to come again

Floating over the dew
That on grassy green blades rest
With beauty like a star
And immortality blessed

What innocence, what joy,
What peace and love of life
A mind untroubled by the world’s
Restlessness and strife

Oh, to be an Elven one
To dance throughout the night
No evil of the world
But only good and right

Oh to be an Elven one
Eternity to spend
In bliss and peace and all things fair
With life around the bend

Oh what I would not give
An Elven one to be
Worrieless of age
And limitless years to see

Oh what I would not give,
An Elven one to be



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