by Oct 4, 2005Poetry

Worn out and broken
Frightened and followed
From darkness to a deeper darkness I had gone
When I stumbled into the bright green glades of Neldoreth
And under those fair leaves
A divine sunshine
And flowers brighter than I have seen
Shining there with golden and silver
I wondered to be in a sudden dream
Then a music came
And there she was
Elven-princess, more beautful than dreams
Dancing there with joy
I could only stand there and listen
With all my heart I listened to that fair voice
And I knew then that it was a dream
No thing of this world is so fair
Elf-maiden so tender
Like the bright sunlight and the clear starlight all at once
She danced with joy there
And sang with laughter
Her voice as the Nightingales
Joyful and free of pains
And I wondered
I wondered to be there
And she had my heart
She healed my weariness
My very soul was hers from that moment
And I called to her through my enchantment
Then the glade went dark
And she was gone
But I followed the light that shone around her
And at last I found my Nightingale
She sang to me there
And my heart was utterly healed
Lost into her eyes
Dark and deep wells of Elven-beauty
Like a late summer-night
Like the brightest of stars
Like the bloom of flowers in spring
Like a grey lake shining
No words are there for her beauty

Then she came to me
And she looked into my eyes
She danced for me there
And whispered words of a fair world
Words I had never known
Words of her love
Words of glory
She fell into my arms
I kissed her lips
And held her
And love was all

And we walked together in that bright green forest
As spring became summer
And the light of the sun shone ever brighter
Like the light that surrounds my Princess
Every day we would walk through the green forest of your home
And the touch of her hand was a new miracle every time
The warmth from her brand new to me
Her smile more beautiful every day
My Nightingale, my Princess, my love
The only love my heart has ever known
And the only thought in my heart

Tinuviel, our road will not be an easy one
But we will walk it together
We will have to be strong
And endure darkness and evil
Unimaginable to me in this green world
But your light is a guiding star to me
Stay by my side, Tinuviel
And I will love you till I shall breathe no more


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