TINDOMË – Twilight of the Evening

by Aug 5, 2003Poetry


Sinda hísië, nar, huinë, cuiviëesse.
Vanya Ondolindë lante; serke untupa ilye.
Astaldo hir lante nuin ninque minas.
Autan tara, saure minasi.
Morgoth Bauglir pela i nórë anga quárë.
Ranan hyarmen; aiyan i quelle mení
Doriath aldari nallar an vanwa Tinúviel.

Ele! Eärendil sila formenesse.
Elen silmaril undulava i lumbule.
Tuilë enteluva kenesesse.
Ai! I ëar untupa vanye nórër oio.
Si autan tenn’ i Númen; Túna Eldamar.


Gray mist, fire, gloom, in awakening.
Fair Gondolin fell; blood covers all.
Valiant Lord fell under white tower.
I pass lofty, abhorrent towers.
Morgoth (the) Constrainer encircles the land (with) iron fist.
I wander south; I behold the fading regions.
Doriath trees cry for lost Tinúviel.

Behold! Eärendil shines in north.
Star silmaril drowns the shadow.
Spring shall come again from earth.
Alas! The sea covers fair lands everlastingly.
Now I pass unto the west; Túna Elvenhome.


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