Tides of Time (renewed)

by Dec 25, 2003Poetry

The sun that rises and sets grows old
Its time that the end is now told
Of the land they know as Middle Earth
That has sacrificed its people for rebirth

Tides of Time
In this rhyme
grow on and on
from dusk to dawn
Tides of Time
in this rhyme
die slowly
but surely

As the sun rises one last time
The people cry and spend their last dime
to see if they can stop it all
and save them from their everlasting fall

Tides of Time
in this rhyme
go beyond dreams of a husband and wife
all of our deaths are balancing on beams of life
Tides of Time
in this rhyme
end so very soon
its almost time to meet our doom

The sun, up high, in the sky
Gather all their tears and make them stars of their cry
They sunk so low to fight their own way
to pass the evil they hope to slay
Why does it have to be
the way it is for them and for me?
Why cant they see
that its just the way life’s meant to be?

Tides of Time
in this rhyme
near their end
just around the bend
Tides of Time
in this rhyme
goodbyes to tell
before arriving in hell

The sun is setting way down low
The people start to die below
the evil has swept them away
never to live to see the next day
the land so clear as love could see
has killed them all and next is me
its hard to bear this all so true
as this is told from me to you

Tides of Time
in this rhyme
have faded away
to kill the day
Tides of Time
in this rhyme
they werent saved
after all they gave


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