Through Lonely Trees

by Apr 21, 2003Poetry

The trees sway slowly in the wind
of winter, dancing through the trees.
Rustling, with forbidding chill:
The scattered, dying autumn leaves.
They rustle, and are swept aside
to gently swirl around the feet
of an elven-maid in these bare woods;
no more alive and green to greet.
She sadly smiles at the sky
(Icy-blue, with clouds between)
remembering a better day
when morning sunshine could be seen.

What has she lost? The trees all cry,
Their dying branches wonder why
the elven-maid walks all alone.
The light that from her eyes once shone
is quenched; and lips that used to smile
are now turned pale and thin; her trial
through the lonely trees goes on.
Her feet walk blindly on, and on.
No living thing they rest upon.
The light of the Evenstar- is gone.

Now never could the forest guess
that once this maiden was a queen
with flowers in her hair; a dress
of woven starlight, silver sheen.
She loved a mortal, and for this
forbidden feeling, paid the price
with her life, to share in his.
Now her heart- is turned to ice.
No life remains for the Evenstar.
The light has faded, quenched in pain
and suffering; the maiden waits
for death amid the driving rain.

What has she lost? Why wanders she
amid the leafless, withered trees?
Oh star that shone, shine bright again
upon the lives of mortal men!
Oh elven-maiden, look once more
upon the earth to which you bore
the flower-garlands in the spring.
Light, light! The starlit music bring!
But through the lonely trees walks on
the Evenstar, whose light is gone.


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