through darkness I wade

by Apr 9, 2004Poetry

I see the lonely mountain
standing cold and unwelcoming
I long to be in my bed in the Shire
yet through the darkness I wade
I continue to walk, though each step grows harder
my burden grows heavy, but onward I go
cause on the other side of this shadow
I know there is peace, like the sea after a storm
and though hope seems so far away
I know inside that the dawn will come yet
for so many days
I have faith that I’ll get through this
We will defeat the enemy
and with Sam, my ever faithful,
I will see my friends again.
Aragorn, the great man of Gondor,
a courageous man of his word,
heir or Isildur, true face and stern.
Gimli, brave dwarf,
through shadows he hath come
and yet he has a long way
till finally he may reach his home.
Meriadoc and Peregrin, my kin, my friends
I miss them dearly, I do.
Legolas, elf of Mirkwood,
heart true and strong
a true elf of valor.
Gandalf and Boromir, though passed they have
they are special in our hearts forever.
I march on with Sam by my side
and through the shadows,
through the darkness I wade.


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