Thoughts in the Night – A poem

by May 17, 2002Poetry

What could one halfling do?
Sometimes I wake alone at night,
I look at the stars and sigh,
As I stare out at the moon-washed lands,
Tears well up in my eyes,

I wish this task were appointed to another,
Stronger and wiser than me,
I bury my head deep in my hands,
As I think of this terrible destiny,

In the dark sky I catch the gleam,
Of a star far away,
It brings hope to the hopeless one’s like me,
Who fight to bring back the day,

I stare ahead as my eyes clear up,
I stumble to my feet,
Hope returns to my simple heart,
Not yet will I accept defeat,

I must not ask questions or wonder why,
This task was appointed to me,
If I can finish the impossible quest,
Others will cherish my memory,

A light glimmers in the west,
Day is coming once more,
The shadow has returned, but hope remains,
Above the reek a light still soars,

I know the path before me,
I cannot turn back now,
I turn to see the rising sun,
I will make it through somehow.


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