Thoughts By the Sea – Nine Companions 9 – Legolas

by Sep 24, 2002Poetry

Looking upon the sea ahead of me,
And hearing the cries of the gulls on the shore,
Standing here quietly, thinking of nothing,
I am feeling more than ever before,

I have found love in a place unlooked for,
I have found peace in a place unseen,
I have found beauty in a rocky shore,
I doubt I will ever be the same again,

Woe to the elves who live forever,
Their sorrows reach to the stars,
Woe to the men who die tomorrow,
But live in the world that was once ours,

Woe to the hobbit who perishes bravely,
To make evil forever no more,
Woe to me as I stand here in silence,
Trying to fight with the call of the shore,

I wish to leave this place I long loved,
And travel to the home of my kin,
Standing by the sea, with the wind in my hair,
I will never be the same again,

The sea is fresh and young and new,
Beside it I feel leaden with years,
Oh what a task it would be for a mortal,
To trace the paths of and elf’s many tears,

I feel so old, so very old.
Beside men who just discovered life,
Is Eru’s gift really a curse?
It brings so much sorrow, fear and strife,

Looking back on my life in the forest,
My happiness there doesn’t seem real,
I have seen too much death to live in this place,
I have wounds no mortal victory will ever heal,

Children grow and become old quickly,
We all suffer at the hands of change,
But why, oh why must we remember happiness,
When it will never be the same?

I want to leave these angry lands,
To gaze at the sea and be still,
I want to forget the sorrows of my past,
But I doubt I ever will.


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